What is MONS?

MONS is an internal currency that players on Monstour earn through participation in tournaments and spend it after on our marketplace.

How to earn a lot of MONS?

At this moment, the main way to earn MONS is to regularly participate in tournaments! However, in near future we are launching partnership programs and referral systems with many different types of rewards in MONS.

I'm not a professional gamer. Would it still be possible fro me to earn MONS by participating in tournaments, competing with high rating players?

Almost in all our tournaments half of the participants are guaranteed to receive MONS. Usually, to receive the reward, you would need to win at least one round.

What can I buy on MONS?

We have created Monstour marketplace with in-game items, gaming hardware and devices. We regularly add new positions on it, trying our best to give players greatest deals for finest items!

Is it possible to exchange MONS to another currency?

At this moment, you can spend MONS only on purchases inside the marketplace. However, in the near future we will launch a MONS exchange service for third-party digital currencies.